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ADOS-2 Module 3 Refresher - Fall 2022
This training session will offer a refresher for Module 3 of the ADOS-2, for individuals who have already completed the full comprehensive ADOS-2 training. The session will be a combination of opportunities provided fully online with a blend of asynchronous and live training opportunities. Research suggests that users of the ADOS-2 benefit from periodic practice and re-calibration of coding. Unless you are administering the ADOS-2 frequently (defined as several times per week), it is likely that your coding decisions will drift over time. Frequent ADOS-2 users and trainers calibrate often to maintain reliability with the coding process. The workshop will be presented in a blended learning model with didactic information offered via an online learning platform as well as live (remote via zoom) viewing of an ADOS-2 administration, time to complete your coding decisions, and a group review of the coding to compare with the individual that administered the ADOS-2 in the video.It is expected that you have access to an ADOS-2 kit, manual, and a Module 3 protocol. Prior to the live session, participants are expected to review information in the online course, retrieve the ADOS-2 Manual and protocol booklet, review the corresponding section of the manual, as well as review notes recorded during prior training sessions, and view 1-2 hours of video reviews of ADOS-2 tasks (as needed) and coding items (recommended).Before registering, please read the full training information here ( registering, you will receive additional details about accessing the course materials.
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10/27/202212:00PM3:30PM Zoom Meeting40 Lindeman Drive Trumbull, Connecticut