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Recovery Coaching in Justice Settings
We are excited to share this training designed for Recovery Coaches working within Justice Settings. When given the opportunity to work in our own Department of Correction setting here in CT, we eagerly jumped at the chance. People who have faced jail time, or incarceration, or any involvement within these settings have multiple barriers to overcome, so why not provide recovery coaches who can assist in navigating those barriers while providing support in their recovery journey, There is no better setting to serve as recovery coaches. Many of our coaches know these systems well. The best resources for navigating these systems are people who have used them. This is where our lived experiences will serve us, two-fold. Not only do we get to share what we know, we get to share who we are, in Recovery.Our goal is to prepare you for working within any of these settings. This educational program is approved by NAADAC #195293
Participants who complete this training will:•Understand the different justice settings where recovery coaches can serve•Learn about the barriers and resources that people involved within these settings can face•Explore the ethical considerations of serving in these systems•Explore how culture and stigma can affect people involved within this system and people affected by incarceration•Know how to serve in the capacity of your expertise by staying in your lane•Demonstrate how to utilize the skills of a recovery coach to support those within justice settings. This educational program is approved by NAADAC #195293

Please Note: Some certification boards may not accept virtual/online trainings towards certification. As CCAR is not able to reach out to individual boards, that responsibility is up to the individual participant.

This educational program is approved by NAADAC #195293.

Detailed Information 
DateStart TimeEnd TimeTitleLocationAddressRoomInstructor
11/03/202210:00AM2:00PM A Virtual ClassroomVirtual Classroom, Virtual Classroom 

11/04/202210:00AM2:00PM A Virtual ClassroomVirtual Classroom, Virtual Classroom