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LGBTQIA+ Contributions to Recovery
Recovery For All: LGBT Contributions to Recovery
When we speak about recovery and the LGBT community, we often start from a place of lack. We’re either chatting about how prevalent addiction is in the community or how we don’t often get our needs met in recovery settings. While these two things are true it’s also very true that the LGBT community has made major contributions to recovery.Whether LGBT folx were out of the closet, or in it, the work done by the LGBT community has been influential in removing stigma; educating people about the disease of addiction; advocating for treatment; and opening recovery communities to minority groups.We’ve been part of the modern recovery movement since the early days of Alcoholics Anonymous. LGBT individuals helped to start The AA Grapevine and petitioned for “special interest” gay AA groups – long before it was “safe” to do so.Join us as we chat about our shared history. It will expand your ability to offer hope and examples of those who came before to LGBTQ recoverees who feel lost and alone in communities of recovering people.
Participants will: learn more about LGBTQ+ history and its possible impact to understand how to better support recoverees who identify as LGBTQ+
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10/04/20221:00PM2:30PM A Virtual Classroom  
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