Center for Addiction Recovery Training Public Catalog 
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Activity Name
Virtual Recovery Coach Academy
Sub Title
4168-Virtual RCA-CT
Session Type
Multiple Session
Year Code
Max # of Awards
Min # of Awards
Activity Code
100 Recovery Coach Academy
Subject Area
[Active Listening], [Art and Science of Recovery Coaching], [Art of RC], [Coaching], [Communication Skills], [Culture], [Ethics], [Motivational Interviewing], [Multple Pathways], [Recovery Capital], [Recovery Coach Roles], [Recovery Language], [Science of RC], [Self Care], [Spectrum of attitudes], [Stages of Change], [Stages of Recovery], [Staying in your lane], [Stigma]
Target Audience
[Clinicians], [Community Members], [Family Members], [Friends/Allies], [Peer Specialists], [People in Recovery], [Recovery Coaches], [Recovery Peer Specialists], [Supervisors]
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Other Notes
Please Note: Some certification boards may not accept virtual/online trainings towards certification. As CCAR is not able to reach out to individual boards, that responsibility is up to the individual participant. The CCAR Recovery Coach Academy© is a 5-day intensive training academy focusing on providing individuals with the skills need to guide, mentor and support anyone who would like to enter into or sustain long-term recovery from an addiction to alcohol or other drugs. Provided in a retreat like environment, the CCAR Recovery Coach Academy© prepares participants by helping them to actively listen, ask really good questions, and discover and manage their own stuff.
Describe Recovery Coach role and functionsList the components, core values and guiding principles of recoveryBuild skills to enhance relationshipsExplore many dimensions of recovery and recovery coachingDiscover attitudes about self disclosure and sharing your storyUnderstand the stages of recoveryDescribe the stages of change and their applicationsIncrease their awareness of culture, power and privilegeAddress ethical and boundaries issuesExperience recovery wellness planningPractice newly acquired skills
DateStart TimeEnd TimeLocationAddressRoomInstructor
11/30/202011:00AM3:00PMVirtual Classroom75 Charter Oak Ave. Hartford, Connecticut  
12/01/202011:00AM3:00PMVirtual Classroom75 Charter Oak Ave. Hartford, Connecticut  
12/02/202011:00AM3:00PMVirtual Classroom75 Charter Oak Ave. Hartford, Connecticut  
12/03/202011:00AM3:00PMVirtual Classroom75 Charter Oak Ave. Hartford, Connecticut  
12/04/202011:00AM3:00PMVirtual Classroom75 Charter Oak Ave. Hartford, Connecticut