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Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI Refresher Training) 2022-2023
This training is designed for any administrator and staff who are interactive with students in their building/classrooms that exhibit extreme behaviors. This training focuses on how to de-escalate the behavior before it becomes harmful. It also focuses on deescalating students who are in crisis through verbal and nonverbal techniques. CPI is a training directed towards a positive drive, and helps the staff learn the importance their attitude can affect responses to a crisis as well as how students in crisis respond to staff. Staff will learn what is natural, and what is appropriate which includes postvention and personal safety techniques such as learning how to block and deflect objects and how to release from grabs. There will be disengagement skills/personal safety skills taught as part of this course. CHILD RESTRAINTS will be optional. Estimated training time is 8 hours. Principals are responsible for substitutes if needed for you to attend this training.
1.To identify the four stages of behavior and respond appropriately. 2.To de-escalate an escalating behavior. 3.To perform safety interventions when necessary, without harming the student or self. 4.To comply with the guiding philosophy of Care, Welfare, Safety and Security.
Rationale for Providing this Professional Learning Experience
CPI training improves school safety, improves staff skills and confidence and reduces the number of staff injuries that typically occur from students that exhibit extreme behavior.
Supplemental Awards
Award TypeAward Amt
Content Hours6.00
Literacy Hours0.00
School Admin Hours0.00
Digital Learning Hours0.00
Detailed Information 
DateStart TimeEnd TimeTitleLocationAddressRoomInstructor
10/20/20228:30AM12:30PM Other (Not Listed) KTC - Buccaneer
Joy Brown View Bio
Assigned Goals:
Goal TypeGoal NumberGoal NameDescription
District Goals3The school will reduce suspensions and student time out of class through utilization of PBIS and district safety procedures.The school will reduce suspensions and student time out of class through utilization of PBIS and district safety procedures.