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Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) Montessori Orientation - Ages 0-3 (Blended)
Montessori Training Center Northeast (MTCNE) is offering the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) Montessori Orientation 0-3 for persons that work in Montessori schools as Assistant Teachers and Paraprofessionals, parents of children involved in Montessori education, Montessori school administrators and/or educators who want to learn more about Montessori education for this particular age group. This Orientation provides a great overview from a Montessori perspective of the developmental growth of children ages 0-3. This Orientation Course will meet online and in-person, and includes theory, practical applications, readings, and discussions and consists of a total of 63 hours of theory/lecture and 9 hours of observation in a Montessori environment. Students who successfully complete this course are awarded an AMI Montessori Orientation 0-3 Certificate.
This course will: •Give you an introduction to Montessori education •Give you a basic understanding of children and how they learn •Introduce you to the Montessori classroom and home environment •Help you understand how adults support learning from a Montessori perspective •Introduce you to the role of the Assistant in a Montessori classroom •Give you practical guidelines on how to interact with children •Give you practical guidelines as a parent or how to support the Guide in the Montessori classroom

The Montessori Orientation 0-3 course fee is $900 per person. Readings and written papers will be assigned throughout the training.

Detailed Information 
DateStart TimeEnd TimeTitleLocationAddressRoomInstructor
09/26/20234:30PM8:00PM On-Line Course Zoom

09/28/20234:30PM8:00PM On-Line Course Zoom

10/03/20234:30PM8:00PM On-Line Course zoom

10/05/20234:30PM8:00PM On-Line Course Zoom

10/10/20234:30PM8:00PM On-Line Course Zoom

10/12/20234:30PM8:00PM On-Line Course Zoom

10/17/20234:30PM8:00PM On-Line Course Zoom

10/19/20234:30PM8:00PM On-Line Course Zoom

11/07/20234:00PM8:30PM MTCNE1265 Asylum Avenue, Hartford, CT1300 Hall Boulevard, Bloomfield, CT.

11/08/20234:00PM8:30PM MTCNE1265 Asylum Avenue, Hartford, CT1300 Hall Boulevard, Bloomfield, CT.

11/09/20234:00PM8:30PM MTCNE1265 Asylum Avenue, Hartford, CT1300 Hall Boulevard, Bloomfield, CT.

11/10/20239:00AM4:00PM MTCNE1265 Asylum Avenue, Hartford, CT1300 Hall Boulevard, Bloomfield, CT.

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