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Inclusion for LGBTQ Recoverees
Inclusion for LGBTQ+ Recoverees with Dolan Research International
Learn how recovery coaches can support recoverees that identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community
•Build skills to enhance relationships•Understand Adverse Childhood Experiences and LGBTQ communities•Increase awareness of culture, power & privilege•Address ethical & boundary issues•Understand the role of stigma in LGBTQ healthcare•Experience recovery wellness planning for LGBTQ recoverees•Locating LGBTQ affirming providers•Connecting with LGBTQ organizations •Utilizing LGBTQ inclusive forms and surveys to convey respect•Address respectful communication •Communicate what is unique about working with LGBTQ recoverees•Respecting LGBTQ recoverees and their support systems•Understand the difference between acceptance and affirmation•Understand the role a person’s life stage plays in LGBTQ recoverees•Practice newly acquired skills
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11/18/202110:00AM2:00PM A Virtual Classroom   Johanna M Dolan
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11/19/202110:00AM2:00PM A Virtual Classroom   Johanna M Dolan
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