(VIDEO) CCRS - Math 101B: Key Instructional Shifts
In this video training, you will become familiar with the College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) for Adult Education and how to navigate them. You will continue to investigate the Key Instructional Shifts mathematics instruction must make for students to succeed and illustrate the importance of taking time to delve deeper into the concepts at the heart of mathematics. Activities will encourage ways to see mathematics as more than a discrete set of rules to be memorized, rather an area of focus established through making connections between mathematical concepts. Further exploration into the content standards requires a balance of conceptual understanding, fluency with procedures, and application to real-world and mathematical contexts.
At the conclusion of this video training, you will have:
  • A deeper understanding of how to use the standards when planning math instruction.
  • Developed a working knowledge of the Key Instructional Shifts.
  • Considered how Shifting practice unfolds in the classroom.
  • Learned how to use the Key Instructional Shifts when designing instruction for adult learners.
Detailed Information 
DateStart TimeEnd TimeTitleLocationAddressRoomInstructor
07/11/202212:00AM11:00PM VirtualLitchfield, CT