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Basics of Psychedelic-Assisted Recovery for Professionals
Basics of Psychedelic-Assisted Recovery for Professionals, Mark Guckel
Review of the components of PAR:• Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy• Clinical Trials• Ceremonial Use / Treatment• Harm Reduction• Self-Use The history of psychedelic medicines:• The Bill Wilson Story – From the Belladonna Treatment at Towns Hospital to LSD A general overview of:• Ayahuasca• Psilocybin• Iboga• Ibogaine• 5-MEO-DMT• MDMA• Ketamine Supporting people that use psychedelic medicines:• Integration and Coaching• The Mystical Experience• Amenable support programs• The language of PAR Important information about quickly changing legalities:• Oregon Psilocybin Services Program Model (Proposition 109)• Connecticut Psychedelic Treatment Program• Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993
What words come to mind when you think of people that use psychedelics, especially in recovery?Review of the components of PAR, the history of psychedelic medicines, a general overview of: Ayahuasca, Psilocybin, Iboga, Ibogaine, 5-MEO-DMT, MDMA, and Ketamine, supporting people that use psychedelic medicines, and important information about quickly changing legalities.
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08/09/20222:00PM3:30PM Virtual Classroom75 Charter Oak Ave. Hartford, Connecticut 
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