Initial Reviewer Training
December 3, 10, 17, 2024: Successful completion of the TEAM Initial Reviewer Training will enable participants to review TEAM reflection papers and projects to determine if there is sufficient evidence to successfully meet the TEAM module criteria. The training will consist of 3 two-hour facilitated online sessions and pre-work for each session. IMPORTANT REGISTRATION INFORMATION: In order to successfully complete the training, participants must complete all pre-work and session activities in the order of presentation. That means that if participants are unable to complete any of the pre-work or sessions, they will have to finish the training by registering for and attending the missed sessions and completing the pre-work at another training. Therefore, it is important that participants only register for a training where they know that they will be able to attend each of the three sessions and complete the pre-work.

Detailed Information 
Online MeetingDateStart TimeEnd TimeTitleLocationAddressRoomInstructor
12/03/202410:00AM12:00PMSession 1VirtualVirtual, CT 
Carly Quiros View Bio
12/10/202410:00AM12:00PMSession 2VirtualVirtual, CT 
Carly Quiros View Bio
12/17/202410:00AM12:00PMSession 3VirtualVirtual, CT 
Carly Quiros View Bio