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Coachervision - Online
Recovery coaching is growing as a profession due to its effectiveness in not only helping people find recovery, but staying in recovery. We see coaches deployed in a wide variety of settings and as such, coaches are supervised by a wide range of positions…and not everyone who is overseeing the coaches understands fully the unique nature of the role. In many cases, we see Peer Supervision models as an attempt that does not truly align with the recovery coaching model?We hope you will join us for what we believe is a model for oversight that resonates most with the role of the coach – aptly named, Coachervision. Based on the concept of “coaching coaches”, this workshop will provide participants with an understanding of how to best support coaches day-to-day and develop coaches for long-term success.
Participants in this two-day workshop will:• Define expectations of Recovery Coach oversight• Understand the complexity and intricacy of the Recovery Coach role• Understand how organizational culture can support a Coachervision model• Learn the importance of accountability for both the Coachervisor and Recovery Coach• How to support Recovery Coaches in professional settings

Please Note: Some certification boards may not accept virtual/online trainings towards certification. As CCAR is not able to reach out to individual boards, that responsibility is up to the individual participant.

This educational program is approved by NAADAC #195293

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10/17/202410:00AM2:00PM Virtual Classroom75 Charter Oak Ave., Suite 1-305, Hartford, CT 
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10/18/202410:00AM2:00PM Virtual Classroom75 Charter Oak Ave., Suite 1-305, Hartford, CT 
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