Since 1999, ProTraxx has focused exclusively on professional development management and educator evaluation software solutions for the K-12 marketplace. We serve clients in the U.S. and beyond with an unwavering commitment to delivering high quality products, backed by world-class service and client support. Our solutions give educational organizations the ability to identify, analyze and promote professional learning programs that improve the quality of teaching and learning in the educational institutions we serve.

Our signature professional development management application, EzPD, empowers district administrators to create and implement efficient, effective professional development programs in an automated, paper-free environment. With EzPD, you can ensure compliance with staff recertification requirements, and meet local, state and federal data reporting mandates. At the same time, district staff can independently access their own certification, evaluation, graduate study/tuition reimbursement and professional development records, via secure login to the MyEzTraxx website.

EzPD is a customizable, easy-to-use Software as a Service (SAAS) application accessible through secure user login. By creating granular security permission groups, every staff member can access their personalized account showing only the tools and data pertinent to their needs. Utilizing the responsive design teacher portal, MyEzTraxx, teachers may browse and sign up for PD offerings or submit off-site professional development requests for approval. Administrators can create/publish professional development activities, oversee individual professional development plans, manage enrollments and track reimbursements according to district policy and procedures. EzPD automates and optimizes paper-based PD administration processes, accelerates workflow, improves communication, and provides real-time access to decision-making data.

With the latest upgrade to our online platform, EzEvaluation, ProTraxx has added automated educator evaluation functionality to our application offerings. Now teachers and their supervisors can engage in an online, paperless evaluation process that captures goal-setting, observations, feedback and other performance-related information via customized electronic forms. EzEvaluation allows ProTraxx clients to automate/integrate the PD, re-certification and staff evaluation process within their districts to provide a comprehensive overview of educator effectiveness.

At ProTraxx, it’s all about finding ways to help our clients get the most out of every dollar they invest in their largest budget item – professional teaching staff. To start using any, or all, of our solutions in your education organization, Contact us today!

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