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Because at ProTraxx, we understand what’s most important in the world of professional development, for teachers, administrators, staff members, and everyone in between. Our professional development management solutions make the connection between professional development and teacher effectiveness concrete. Our software makes it quick and simple to keep every employee on track for certification, no matter how large your K-12 district is. Our EzEvaluation program lets you connect feedback with professional development history. And it does all this in a green, cost effective, online format. The real question is, can you afford to not implement ProTraxx’s professional development software in your district?

ProTraxx Product Offerings
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Professional Development

EzPD is a comprehensive professional development management application, equipping K-12 districts with the ability to plan, track, manage, and report on professional development activities and programs.

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Staff Evaluation

EzEvaluation is a unique application provided by ProTraxx to consolidate observations, appraisals and other performance information through customizable, electronic forms. Through EzEvaluation, administrators and teachers can access more pertinent and important information about teacher performance

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Graduate Study

EzGraduate Study is a comprehensive graduate study tracking application, equipping K-12 districts with the ability to plan, track, manage, and report on graduate-level course work completed and degrees earned by staff members

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eLearning - HR Videos

The Easiest HR/Safety Training Solution Available! We are also fully integrated with Moodle. Over 200 courses to choose from.

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Public Catalog

EzCatalog is a complimentary solution designed specifically for educational service centers, multi-district regional alliances and any professional development providers selling directly to the open market.

Active Directory/Moodle

Our software is fully integrated with Active Directory and Moodle LMS.

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