Cooperative Educational Services
Registration Instructions and Technical Requirements
Welcome to the C.E.S. Offering site!
How to Enroll in C.E.S. Activity Classes Online 
To enroll in activities you must be a Registered User of this online solution, EzCatalog. 
You will only need to Register once by providing some demographic information, including your identifying your district/organization, address, and Certification File Number. Once registered, you will receive a User Name and Password which will allow you to LOGIN and view and enroll in the offerings anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection.

1.  Click the button, Click Here to Register, in the right box in the middle of the page.
2.  Complete the form and enter a user name and password which will give you future access to the offerings, enrollment, and your transcript of participation going forward.

To login when you first access the C.E.S. page:

1.  Click on the Login link found in the upper right hand corner of the page under Professional Development Resources,
2.  Enter your user name and password in the left box in the middle of the page and click Login Here.

If you do not have a User Name and Password you must Click Here to Register.

Once registered or logged in, you will be directed to EzCatalog’s activity offerings. You may now enroll in activities.

Your User Name and Password will be sent to you by email upon Registration. Should you forget your User Name and / or Password, click the Reminder link on the left side of the page and enter your email address. Your user name and password will be sent to you.

Enrolling in Activities
Choose to search the catalog of offerings by scrolling through the list sorted in alphabetical order by topic. Each activity class being offered will list the following:

  • Activity Code – The 11-digit code identifying this activity class. 
  • Description – A description of the activity class. 
  • Session Count: The number of dates this activity class includes. Participants are  expected to attend all associated dates. Target Audience:  The intended audience for the activity class. 
  • Schedule: The dates, times, locations, and room numbers of each session will be listed here.

Below each Activity Class is one of the following buttons:

Enroll Now – Click here to enroll in this activity class.
Wait List – To be added to a Wait List for this activity class, click here. You will need to provide payment information to be added to the wait list. Should space become available in this class, you will be notified by email. If you are not added to the enrollment for this class, your fee will be refunded.
Closed - The class is no longer available for enrollment.
Cancelled - The class is no longer available for enrollment due to cancellation.

Payment Options

Once you have selected Enroll Now or Wait List, you will enter payment information.
1.  Select the appropriate Price Type.
2.  Select a Payment Method.
3.  Enter your billing information. Note that your registration information will be pre-populated in these fields. If the billing information differs, make the necessary edits.
4.  Click Finish Registration

Your Enrollment Confirmation Receipt will be returned. Print this confirmation for your records.
To continue searching for activity classes, click Back to Activity Class Catalog.