2023-24 Multilingual Roundtable LEARN / EastConn
This is a networking group for educators across multiple regions in CT. The purpose of this group is professional learning and collaboration with other educators working in multilingual programs. Participants have the opportunity to participate in updates from CSDE Multilingual learner and Assessment Offices, have an open forum for asking questions, sharing ideas, problem solving, look at current research, and meet with various guest speakers from the field of Multilingual learners in the US. Registrants will receive access to the Zoom link a couple of days prior to the first session. For questions, including registration assistance, send an email to fpacheco@learn.k12.ct.us or jbessette@learn.k12.ct.us – include "Multilingual Roundtable” in the subject line.
Detailed Information 
DateStart TimeEnd TimeTitleLocationAddressRoomInstructor
09/21/20231:00PM3:00PM LEARN VirtualLink, To Follow 
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12/07/20231:00PM3:00PM LEARN VirtualLink, To Follow 
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03/07/20241:00PM3:00PM LEARN VirtualLink, To Follow 
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05/24/20241:00PM3:00PM LEARN VirtualLink, To Follow 
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