Supporting Secondary Readers (un)Conference
The Unconference on Supporting Secondary Readers is an innovative approach to professional learning that flips the traditional conference model on its head.

There are no pre-set speakers or agendas; instead, participants collaboratively shape sessions and workshops. This dynamic gathering of educators, literacy experts, and enthusiasts focuses on empowering older students in their reading journeys, with special attention paid to meeting the needs of struggling readers.

Whether you're interested in improving reading comprehension, leveraging technology, or fostering a love for reading in older students, this unconference offers an interactive platform to exchange ideas and co-create solutions. Join us in this engaging and interactive experience where the collective wisdom of the attendees leads the way.

General Structure for the Day:
- Whole-group Welcome & Introductions
- Scheduling– setting the agenda for the day
- Attendee-led breakout sessions
- Lunch (sponsored by SchoolAI)
- Attendee-led breakout sessions
- Whole group gathering and sharing

Anyone who wants to suggest or lead a session can. These can range from a formal, well-planned session to the very informal where someone discusses an idea that just occurred to them or debates a fresh topic.

Session Formats: Sessions can take any format, but more often than not they fall into the following categories:
- Teaching / Training – peer-to-peer learning on a practical or theoretical basis
- Discussion / Debate
- Show and Tell – project/demo
- Answering a Question or Resolving a Problem
- Thrashing out a new idea

Attendees can wander freely between the discussions.

Sponsored by the LEARN Secondary ELA Council

For questions, including registration assistance, send an email to fpacheco@learn.k12.ct.us – include Secondary ELA Unconference” in the subject line.
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Group Rate (2+)$25.00
Individual Rate$25.00
LEARN Employee$25.00
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02/29/20249:00AM2:00PM LEARN44 Hatchetts Hill Road, Old Lyme, CT112
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