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Collaborative Teams
Course Code:   241-21-934-007
Session Count:   86    
Sub Title:   CREC Certified Staff Only
Target Audience:   [Certified Staff ], [CREC Staff]
Description:   Teacher’s Choice is an opportunity for second year and beyond CREC teachers to identify and pursue learning experiences specifically tailored to the needs of your school and classroom. The Teacher’s Choice process reinforces CREC’s Core Values by providing time to engage in self-directed, collaborative learning in order to develop creative solutions to educational challenges to meet the needs of our students. Our hope is that as you work in partnership with your colleagues, you will see an immediate impact on your practice and your students’ learning. (Note: Beginning teachers will be part of a New Teacher Cohort PLC on Teacher's Choice days.)
Assessment Area:  
Experience Level:  
DateStart TimeEnd TimeTitle
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM000-Beginning Teacher Cohort (REQUIRED)
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM003-Creating Flipped Classroom Lessons/Assignments
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM004-Designing authentic equitable learning activities
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM005-Supporting Students with Disabilities through Distance Learning
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM006-Improving and Planning for Digital Learning
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM007-Know Your Makerspace
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM008-Co-curricular Online Collaborations
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM009-How Related Services can best support both in person and at home learners
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM010-Equity Action Team
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM011-Hybrid Learning Technology Workshop
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM012-Special Education Collaboration
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM013-Streamlining Post-Secondary Transition Instruction for remote and in person learners in the resource setting
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM014- Nearpod- designing and utilizing for instruction and assessment
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM015- specialized instruction in the classrooms and online
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM016-Using Google Slides to Create Google Classroom Assignments
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM017-Examination of Equity
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM018-Creating Equitable PBIS in the 6th Grade HyFlex Model
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM019-Arts Middle Arts Team
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM020-HyFlex Teaching Technology Techniques
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM022-Using Technology to Differentiate Instruction
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM023-Exploring resources for virtual instruction for identified students
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM024-Utilizing Seesaw and ZOOM for instruction and Assessment on Pre-K CDLA
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM025-Creating Engagement during Remote Learning with Related Arts
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM026-STEM Zoom Instruction
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM027-GEHMS Sped Team Case Collaboration/Support
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM028-Seesaw Training
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM029-Developing Outdoor Learning Environments through Garden Design
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM030-Math Instruction
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM031-Incorporating Technology in Lesson Planning for In Person and CDLA at GEHMS
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM032-Arts in Motion CDLA Planning
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM033-Technology for Student Engagement
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM034-Getting ready for distance learning with Google Classroom
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM035-Iready-Deeper Understanding and Dive into the Data
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM036-IMPACT: Building Experiential Learning & Community Connection Opportunities
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM037-Integrating the Magnet Theme into Unit Planning
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM038-MLC iReady Data and Teacher-Assigned Lessons
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM039-Exploring Digital Resources for Special Education
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM040-Integrating Montessori with Science and Social Studies
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM041-Creating Montessori Materials aligned to CCSS and NGSS
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM042-Teaching Live & Remote
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM043-Using Seesaw to make video exhibitions
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM044-Museum Theme Integration
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM046-small group instruction in the classroom and for distance learning
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM047-Literacy and Math Centers during COVID
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM048-Authentic Distance Learning Experiences for Early Childhood
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM049-Creating engaging and effective online learning lessons
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM050-TRMMS Special Education Team
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM051-Integrating Art in your Curriculum
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM052-Technology for Student Engagement - Using SmartNotebook Exchange and Zoom
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM053-Collaborating on common formative assessments
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM054-Utilizing technology to engage students
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM055-Strengthening Mental Health Supports in the Classroom
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM056-Exploring Virtual Learning Platforms
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM057-Resources of Online Learning
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM058-Literacy and Math Station differentiation during COVID (in-person and online)
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM059-exploring technology to build foundational skills
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM060-Engaging ALL student in unconventional learning enviornments
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM061-Literacy Intervention- Trending Topics- What's New in the world of Reading Intervention
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM062-Creating Technology for Student Engagement through the Elementary EL Lens
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM063-Creating digital activities to reinforce skills and assess student mastery
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM064-The Impact of Urban Trauma: A Book Discussion
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM065-Using Seesaw to build meaningful relationships with students and families
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM066-Creation of a Racial Justice Unit - interdisciplinary
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM067-Using Technology to Enhance Math Instruction
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM069-Getting the most out of our Destiny, Destiny Discover and MackinVIA circulation platforms
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM071-Elementary School Related Arts Instruction
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM072-1) 10/21: Utilizing Technology: Teaching Art from a Cart 2) 1/7: Teaching Art through a Diversity Lens: Art Standards Based Lessons 3) 3/3: Formative and Summative Assessments in the Art: CDLA and In-person
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM073-Digital Learning Platforms to Support English Learners
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM074-AP Classroom explorations
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM075-NGSS Biology Assessments
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM077-Preparing Interactive Lessons in Physics
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM078-Interdisciplinary Collaboration for Middle School Humanities Instruction
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM079-Development of Support Resources for Trauma Symptoms
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM080-Educator-Allies Challenging Racism
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM081-Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy Collaboration and Troubleshooting
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM083-Reaching all students in the music classroom
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM085-SLP's Sharing Virtual Resources
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM086-Creating a Trauma Sensitive Classroom
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM087-Engaging Virtual Learners
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM088-Key Early Childhood Practices: Virtual, Hybrid, In-Person
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM089-IB Planning and Prep 
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM090-New WIAT-4 (webinars and manual study)
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM091-Transdisciplinary Teaching and Learning
10/21/20201:00PM4:00PM092-Amplifying the Beloved Community in a time of Unrest

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