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Collaborative Teams
Course Code:   241-20-934-071
Session Count:   86    
Sub Title:   CREC Certified Staff Only
Target Audience:   [CREC Staff]
Description:   Teacher’s Choice is an opportunity for second year and beyond CREC teachers to identify and pursue learning experiences specifically tailored to the needs of your school and classroom. The Teacher’s Choice process reinforces CREC’s Core Values by providing time to engage in self-directed, collaborative learning in order to develop creative solutions to educational challenges to meet the needs of our students. Our hope is that as you work in partnership with your colleagues, you will see an immediate impact on your practice and your students’ learning. (Note: First year teachers and teachers new to CREC will be part of a New Teacher Cohort PLC on Teacher's Choice days. ASI and CLHS will work in designated teams for Teacher's Choice.)
Assessment Area:  
Experience Level:  
DateStart TimeEnd TimeTitle
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM001 - Grade 2 NGSS Science Planning
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM004 - Grade 8 Science
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM005 - AAE Differentiated Instructional Support
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM006 - Examining Rubrics to Increase Actionable Feedback
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM007 - Teaching Boys - Reaching Boys
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM008 - Special Education Collaboration
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM009 - Using Success Criteria to Measure Student Progress
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM010 - Equity, Instruction, and Relationships through the EL Lens
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM011 - Integrating Multi-cultural Resources in our Curriculum
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM012 - Putting it all together in 5th grade: creating integrated units
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM013 - Collaborative Model: Special Education & Related Services
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM014 - Utilizing Technology to Support the 21st Century Learner
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM015 - Health and Physical Education Curriculum Review
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM017 - Using art in the Classroom
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM018 - School Campus Citizen Science and Biodiversity
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM019 - Imbedding Social Studies into our ELA Instruction
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM020 - Special Education Programs
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM021 - Capstone Map and Curricular Alignment
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM022 - Arts High Full Day PBL PD Planning
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM023 - Community Relationships
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM024 - Computer Science PLC- lesson designing and implementation
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM025 - CREC Elementary GSA/Inclusion Leads Collaboration
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM026 - Equity in the music classroom/CREC Music Festivals
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM028 - Connecticut Council of Language Teachers & CREC Initiatives
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM029 - Designing Digital Learning Opportunities for Students
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM030 - Kindergarten Science Study
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM031 - Push In Strategies for EL Students
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM032 - New and Under-represented Artists
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM033 - Trauma
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM034 - Science
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM035 - Beginning Teacher Cohort
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM036 - Student Centered Coaching at GEHMS
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM037 - Integrating Social Studies Themes across the Curriculum
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM038 - Special Education Case Collaboration/Support
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM039 - Navigating, Understanding, and Utilizing Fountas and Pinnell and Literacy How Resources to enhance Gr 1 Literacy Instruction
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM040 - Getting to Know The F&P Guided Reading Program
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM041 - AAE Biology Assessments
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM042 - ELA Differentiation
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM043 - Implementing Structured Literacy Strategies
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM044 - Unpacking Reading Minilessons and Caulkins Units
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM045 - Deep Dive into Year 2 of Grade 4 Science Curriculum
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM046 - Developing Differentiated Math Centers including use of Zearn
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM047 - Book Study - We Got This by Cornelius Minor
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM048 - Increasing Access in the Secondary Math Classroom
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM049 - Fundations Workshop
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM050 - IM Speech Language Pathologist Work Group
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM051 - Transdisciplinary Learning
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM052 - Refining EIP Practices
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM053 - Unit Planning / Integrating Content Areas
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM054 - Literacy Questioning/Planning
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM057 - Developing Meaningful Collections and Lessons for Inclusivity and Diversity
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM058 - Literacy Intervention Instruction
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM059 - Integrating Writing and Reading w/ Common Core
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM060 - Share Your Favorite Counseling Lesson
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM061 - Writing Tiered Assessments for Standards Based Grading
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM062 - Anticipate Student Comprehenion of Learning Goal
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM064 - IB DP For All - holistic approach for student success
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM065 - MLC i-Ready Professional Learning Sessions
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM066 - Developing Globally-Focused Units of Study
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM067 - Montessori Materials for NGSS
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM068 - Montessori and Science Standards
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM069 - Exploring new instructional and assessment resources
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM070 - Upper Elementary Montessori Material Making To Support Science and Geography
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM071 - Planning for Museum Exhibitions-Project Based Learning Units
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM072 - Designing Effective Teacher Websites to Strengthen the Home, School, Community Connection
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM073 - Multi-tiered System of Support
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM074 - Book Study- How to Talk So Little Kids Will Listen
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM075 - DOTs Roll-out and Assessment
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM076 - Connecting School and Families
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM077 - Roll out of DOT assesment
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM078 - DOTS and Authentic Assessment
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM079 - PBL Across Curriculum with Departmentalized Grades
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM080 - DOTS, Authentic Assessment, and Parent Communication
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM081 - Book Study: Kilpatrick Equipped for Reading Success
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM082 - Improving Instructional Practices for Students Requiring Specialized Reading Instruction
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM083 - Critical Topics in Special Education
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM084 - UHMS Speech Pathologists Work Group
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM085 - ISTE Certification Cohort
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM086 - Equity and Access SAT Prep/ AP/ECE Collaboration
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM087 - CTAA Science Prep for Middle School
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM088 - Diversity Seminar Curriculum Planning
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM089 - Examining Teaching Tolerance Webinars
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM090 - Enhancing Social Emotional Learning
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM091 - Guided Instruction for Paraprofessionals
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM092 - Using the New Math Implementation Guides to Plan for Student Achievement
10/23/20191:05PM4:00PM093: Analyzing math data to provide differentiated instruction: Counting collections and math stations

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