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eesmarts - Middle School Digital Energy Escape Room and Choose Your Own Science Adventures
This workshop features two interactive experiences developed to enhance the eesmarts curriculum or as a stand-alone to support NGSS. In the Escape Room, clues must be gathered and puzzles solved using science knowledge to successfully complete the challenge. The focus of the content in this particular activity involves the transformation of energy and its impact on the environment. In the Choose Your Own Adventure participants have the opportunity to meaningfully engage in design challenges and are provided complete data sets for a variety of tested variables that are accessed through the choices they make throughout the adventure. The examples offered showcase the efficiency of wind turbine blade designs, the strength of a variety of electromagnets, and how different surfaces on earth (arctic, desert, ocean, etc.) are impacted by the Greenhouse Effect. These two formats provoke high student interest and engagement due to their game-like nature. The use of technology lends itself very well to both in-person and remote learning. NGSS PE’s Addressed: MS-PS2-3; MS-PS3-1; MS-PS3-4; MS-PS4-2; MS-LS1-6; MS-ESS3-

Eversource, United Illuminating, and Energize CT, are proud to sponsor eesmarts™ , an energy efficiency and renewable energy education program, funded by the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund.

Through its K-12 lesson materials, eesmarts helps educators and schools teach the importance of becoming energy smart.  All eesmarts workshops provide no-cost professional development and Next Generation Science Standards aligned curriculum on energy, energy efficiency, renewable energy and electricity.  Any questions please contact us at

Technology requirements for full course participation are:    

  • Laptop, desktop, or tablet computer
  • Broadband Internet access
  • Web browser
  • Audio input/output
  • Recommended: Webcam 


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Zoom Meeting 07/19/20239:00AM12:00PMeesmarts - Middle School Digital Energy Escape Room and Choose Your Own Science Adventures Zoom MeetingONLINE VIRTUAL MEETINGConnecticutZoom
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